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Best Sonography service in Dahisar

Sonography or ultrasound (USG) is an imaging strategy that pre-owned high-recurrence sound waves to picture internal structures. Sonography is protected, painless and doesn't utilize ionizing radiation. Abdominal sonography is typically the primary line of investigation in evaluating abdominal issues. USG belly and pelvis is the most usually played out the test in routine practice. Other little structures like bosom, scrotum, thyroid, eye and musculoskeletal framework can likewise be seen using this inexpensive imaging strategy.

Best Sonography service in Dahisar is utilized extraordinary strategies like Color Doppler or Power Doppler can be utilized to imagine veins. Blood stream, lumen and mass of the veins, for example, conduits and veins of arm, leg, neck, and stomach area can be assessed. Doppler sonography is performed for different indications at alluring costs.

Readiness: No exceptional arrangement is required. The patient should drink a lot of water and confine from passing urine before abdominal or pelvic sonography to stretch urinary bladder. 8 hr fasting is prescribed to assess the nerve bladder. The radiologist will perform sonography and a point by point report will be given.

Our commitment towards persistent consideration reflects in making us outstanding amongst other Best Sonography service in Dahisar. Our ultrasound machine from industry pioneer GE shows our dedication towards providing our patients with the best sonography services.

We are among Best Sonography service in Dahisar providing sonography tests in Dahisar at moderate rates without compromising quality. All sonography tests are performed by qualified and master group of radiologists. We likewise give particular sonography services like NT filter, Anomaly check and obstetric shading Doppler. Our aptitude in these territories has made us one of the leading and Best Sonography service in Dahisar, offering sonography focus close to me in Dahisar at reasonable costs.