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Liver shearwave Elastography (Fibroscan) in Mumbai

Shear wave Elastography in the logiq E9 Ultrasound is the best most recent and bit of leeway strategy for non-intrusive evaluation of liver tissue firmness.

Elastography, otherwise called liver elastography, is a sort of imaging test that checks the liver for fibrosis. Fibrosis is a condition that decreases blood stream to and inside the liver. This causes the development of scar tissue. Left untreated, fibrosis can prompt significant issues in the liver. These incorporate cirrhosis, liver disease, and liver disappointment. Liver shearwave Elastography (Fibroscan) in Mumbai. Yet, early finding and treatment can decrease or even invert the impacts of fibrosis.

Elastography is a restorative imaging methodology that maps the flexible properties and firmness of delicate tissue. The fundamental thought is that whether the tissue is hard or delicate will give analytic data about the nearness or status of the ailment.

Different constant liver illnesses, for example, hepatitis B, C, and greasy liver malady can prompt tissue harm and consequent scar tissue arrangement. As the scar tissue gathers, the liver loses a portion of its flexibility and gets stiffer. Liver shearwave Elastography (Fibroscan) in Mumbai includes the utilization of a surface ultrasound test that conveys a low-recurrence heartbeat or shear wave to a little volume of liver tissue under the rib confine. The transmission of the sound wave is totally effortless. Specialists from the Hepatology Program at the University of Michigan utilize the FibroScan gadget, which was affirmed by the FDA for liver elastography estimations in patients with known ceaseless liver infection and especially for patients with constant hepatitis C and greasy liver malady.

Quantitative estimation of tissue solidness -

  • Shear Wave speed (m/s)
  • Young’s Modulus (kPa)

2D shading coded representation of tissue firmness.

Picture direction with B-mode ultrasound pictures takes into consideration:-

  • Moment visual quality appraisal of spatial firmness, helpful for location and portrayal of central sores.
  • Better analytic understanding with overlaying of shear wave solidness pictures on the B-mode pictures.
  • Ideal position of Regions of Interest (ROI) for quantitative firmness measures.
  • Testing inside the ROI gives tissue firmness measures at any area in the ROI, dissimilar to regular fibroscan which quantifies just the normal solidness inside a ROI in a visually impaired way.

Evaluation and correlation of the level of fibrosis in a similar site of the liver on follow up imaging utilizing this method, which was impractical prior.

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