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USG Guided Interventions

Ultrasound allows us to detect various abnormalities and perform ultrasound guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It helps in placing the needle correctly and accurately thereby greatly improving the outcome.

Diagnostic Interventions

  • FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology ) : Thin needle is inserted into the abnormal area under sonography guidance and sample is aspirated. Generally no anaesthesia is required. e.g. Thyroid, neck, breast, liver, pancreas, etc.
  • Biopsy : Wide bore needle (automated/semi automated biopsy needle ) is used to obtain tissue core sample from abnormal area. It is more accurate and has higher diagnostic yield. Generally most of the biopsies are done after giving local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia may be required in few cases (unco-opearative or paediatric patients). E.g. Liver, abdominal mass, breast lump, lymph node, muscle, kidney, etc.
  • TRUS (Trans Rectal ultrasound Guided) 12 quadrant prostate biopsy : Generally done to rule out prostate cancer in patients with rising PSA (prostate specific antigen) or with hard prostate on per rectal digital examination. Performed under peri-prostatic block (anaesthesia). General anaesthesia may be required in few cases (unco-opearative patients).
  • Pleural / ascitic / joint fluid / abscess aspiration : Abnormal fluid from chest, abdomen or other body part can be removed for assessment of the same to obtain a diagnosis.

Therapeutic Interventions

  • Pleural / ascitic / joint fluid aspiration : Abnormal fluid from chest or abdomen to be removed for relieving the patient of breathlessness or discomfort.
  • Liver/IntraAbdominal abscess removal / drainage : Pus from liver or within the abdomen is removed either by a needle or by inserting draining tube (Pigtail catheter or mallecot’s catheter).
  • Joint / Tendon Injections : Analgesics or steroids are injected in the joint or tendon for pain relief.